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Why is Positive Psychology Coaching so awesome?


Why choose positive psychology coaching to improve your self, life or business? It’s a crowded marketplace when it comes to personal or organisational development.  It can be pretty exhausting just to work out what to try. 

Bookshops are heaving with endless guides promising the way to well-being, change and fulfilment.  There are countless modalities of therapy, counselling and indeed coaching.  Social media and YouTube are crammed with gurus and self- proclaimed experts.  Phew. What to do?

Well, rather than reading about change, analysing about growth or listening about development (which can all be useful), positive psychology coaching is different because it is action based and moves from the stuckness of I can’t, to the belief of I can, to the freedom of I will. That’s awesome. 

Rather than getting locked into problems and deficits, Positive Psychology Coaching starts from a position of ‘appreciative enquiry’.  When we discover what is best about ourselves and find ways to use our strengths more, we can respond to negativity less defensively and act creatively.  Awesome again.

The magic of Positive Psychology Coaching is that the separate components of positive psychology and coaching are natural allies in sharing a goal of enhancing optimal functioning and well-being.  Effective coaching helps clients discover their skills and resources and fits perfectly with the premise of evidence-based positive psychology: to identify strengths and find ways to use them in all aspects of lives.  Still awesome.

Positive Psychology Coaching combines the best of coaching methodology and a sound evidential research foundation to transform the lives of coaching clients.  Awe and some. You get the message….

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