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Huw Richards is an EMCC Senior Practitioner coach, specialising in enhancing individual and team achievement. His results focused coaching approach is informed by a combined exemplary twenty-five year career as a senior University academic and practitioner in the field of coaching, human potential development, humanistic psychology and individual/group psychotherapy.

Huw is devoted to providing state of the art bespoke coaching programmes, for successful and ambitious professionals that are seeking to make the next important step in their life and career. A particular area of focus for Huw is the understanding and development of strengths, both of individuals and teams, the benefits of which  can be monumental. Individuals who use their strengths each day lead happier, more fulfilling lives, realising outcomes such as lower stress, higher energy and greater job satisfaction, often resulting in a feeling of greater balance between home and work. If this sounds like something from which you could benefit, then why not get in touch.


What is strengths based development and why is it important?

Anybody seeking to improve performance in business whilst making their lives easier on a day-to-day basis should be interested in developing their strengths. Opposite are just a few reasons why teams and individuals can benefit from a better understanding their strengths and values.

  • Great for individuals and companies
    Strengths don’t just benefit companies, far from it. Individuals who use their strengths each day tend to lead happier, more fulfilling lives, as well as reducing stress, increasing energy and enhanced job satisfaction.
  • Take strengths beyond the office
    The more fully you understand your strengths, the more places you’ll be able to find to apply them – including professional and social networks, communities and personal lives. The more these strengths are used in day-to-day life, the more understanding will be gained on how to take advantage of and integrate strengths throughout your work.
  • Put strengths in their own words
    When you understand your strengths more, it often leads to increased confidence in communicating them effectively. Companies that fully understand the strengths of their workforce are far more likely to create an effective language and means of communication that best suits their environment.
  • Long term benefits. Not only will understanding your strengths benefit you in the short term but particularly in the long term. The more these practices can be applied, the more natural it becomes, leading to  better decisions being made and a better way of life.
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