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Stuck in Career Funk?

When we think of a cul-de-sac it can conjure up idyllic images of close-knit neighbourhoods, children playing safely outside and peace and quiet. However, cul-de-sac careers are a dangerous place to be. Cul-de-sac is a French word meaning ‘dead end’ and it is easy to end up in this place with work life.

Positive psychology coaching can help if you find yourself stuck in the middle of a cul-de-sac career and can’t navigate a way out.

First, you need to recognise a dead end.

Secondly, you need to see how your flow has been cut off. Flow is a core concept of positive psychology and through coaching it is possible to work out ways in order to get the flow back so you are once again fully engaged with what you are doing.

It can be easy to assume that a career cul-de-sac is the natural home of a dead end job, but many high achievers get stuck in a job because they do it so well and end up getting pigeonholed. You excel at something, bask in the compliments and become the go-to person for it. It can feel great, but soon become a trap as you are only perceived as being able to do one thing and fresh challenges can be denied.

Or your strengths lead you to promotion after promotion until you have the top job, but are no longer using the strengths and skills that got you there. Positive psychology coaching can help you move on from the perception that you may see yourself and be seen by others as a one-trick pony.

By looking at your strengths and virtues, coaching can help you discover or rediscover your signature strengths, which are those particular qualities you use when performing at your best.

As you understand more about your signature strengths, you can start using them to your best advantage and avoid using the strengths which may have led you into the cul-de-sac. We all face complicated decisions in our careers and we can easily find ourselves in the dead end of a cul-de-sac.

Positive psychology coaching can help you become aware of what has happened and how to turn them into opportunities for learning and personal reinvention.


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