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Why don’t you go for that promotion?

It’s not that you’re not ambitious. Or that you don’t want that job. But for many of us the decision to apply for a new role or promotion can leave us plagued with doubts.

‘I don’t have every single thing they have asked for in the advertisement’ to ‘I’m not the front runner, there will be too many other people applying’ to ‘If they wanted me to apply they would have asked me.’ Sound familiar?

Not applying for a job or roles that you are capable of performing holds you back in your career.  And it’s just not because you miss out on the role – you’re also missing out on the chance to tell and sell who you are and the value you would bring to a position.

Positive psychology coaching can help you put your hand up and apply for the job you want in the following four areas.

  • You might actually get the job!

PPC can help you recognise your strengths and capabilities, so even if you are not the most obvious candidate for the job, you can become the best fit.

  • The promotion process is an opportunity to quantify, reflect on and assess your career progress.

PPC can help you think about what you have delivered, where you are in your career and where you want to go next.

  • The opportunity for exposure.

PPC can help you with the promotion application to tell people who you are and outline exactly what you can do, have done and the value of what you have previously delivered.

  • Increases your credibility.

PPC can help you reinforce that you have aspirations, a plan and these can be persuasive factors in. advancing career development.

By helping you assess your goals, doing due diligence on the circumstances around promotion and taking control of your professional development, PPC can help you apply for that promotion and achieve more success.


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