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How could positive relationships enhance your career, life and wellbeing?

It is perhaps fitting that the middle letter of Martin Seligman’s PERMA model of wellbeing stands for relationships, as forming positive relationships could be considered as being at the heart of positive psychology.  Getting on with people and enjoying satisfying relationship’s with partner, family, friends and colleagues can lead to significantly enhanced wellbeing.  

Positive Psychology Coaching can help build, maintain and evolve relationships whether at home, at play or in the workplace, as a means of significantly enhancing enjoyment of life. Positive Psychology Coaching can help develop positive relationships in some of the following ways:

  • Active Constructive Responding (ACR)Research shows that responding enthusiastically to others good news is more important than how we respond to bad news.  ACR is giving someone your full attention and responding with interest and enthusiasm to the good news.
  • Relationship Positivity Ratio (RPR)Research demonstrates that for relationships to flourish the RPR needs to be 5:1, meaning five times more positive emotion than negative needs to be present in a relationship.
  • Minding Model (MM)The MM identifies five ingredients for positive relationships; knowing and being known, attributions, acceptance and respect, reciprocity and continuity.
  • Signature Strengths (SS)Identifying individual SS within a relationship and combined when dealing with others.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)EI has five domains; Recognising your emotions, managing your emotions, motivating yourself, recognising emotions in others and handling relationships.


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