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Positive Disruption

Zigzagging career paths may be common now, but the individuals who zigzag best don’t do it randomly.  They generally see change as an opportunity for growth rather than as a threat to stability

So the question is, once you realise that you need to disrupt yourself, how best to turn your upheavals into positive disruptions?

Research within the field of analysing individuals who have had peripatetic yet satisfying paths, seem to follow four rules, which positive psychology coaching can help you apply.

1) Target a need that can be met more effectively.

Disruptors look for needs that aren’t being met well.  They play in markets where no one else is or wants to be.  PPC can help you unlock new lateral approaches to help you discover new and rewarding places to work.

2) Identify your disruptive strengths.

As you look to disrupt yourself, don’t just think about what you do well think about what you can do well that most others can’t.  Those are your disruptive strengths.  PPC can help you identify these so you can find where the potential for success is greatest.

3) Step back (or sideways) in order to grow.

 Personal growth often stalls at the top of a role.  Disrupters avoid that problem by transitioning to a new role, industry or type of organisation and putting themselves on an entirely different growth trajectory.  PPC can help with managing transitions.

4) Let your strategy emerge.

Rather than have a detailed step-by-step plan to achieve a goal, disruptors are flexible.  They take a step forward, gather feedback, and adapt accordingly.  They are driven by discovery, rather than following the well worn traditionally accepted paths of success.  PPC dovetails perfectly with an experiential approach.

There can be a cost to maintaining the status quo; we have to anticipate what comes next and envision a possible future and shaping it through our own unique contributions.  Choosing to disrupt, rather than being compelled to do so, can maximise our potential for both profit and personal satisfaction.


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