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Could befriending my pain points enhance my career?

How we earn a living is vital for our well-being and it appears that not many of us are flourishing when it comes to the work place. Positive Psychology Coaching looks at enhancing all aspects of life, but the gains can be particularly beneficial when applied to our working lives.

Within the UK and potentially globally, research shows that about 70% of us are unhappy with our jobs and that half of employed people, are actively seeking new employment.  Considering how much time and effort we put into work, that’s an awful lot of glum folk and an awful waste of life.  If you are unhappy at work, it is highly likely you are unhappy away from work to.  It feels like an epidemic, so what to do?

Well, within the Positive Psychology Coaching approach, there is plenty we can do together which can get your career back on track and help you rediscover your mojo.

The first task may not be easy, but is crucial if we want to transform things. We need to be honest about our dissatisfaction, which can be challenging.  

This may mean that only some slight adjustments are required or it could be that a radical re-evaluation of our relationship with status, wage, power and others is needed.  We need to become more aware of and befriend our pain points.

Pain points are those phenomena which stick to us and won’t go away as that internal whisper becomes an insistent voice telling us that work has become problematic and unfulfilling. 

Pain points could be a general feeling of disconnection, being trapped and burning out; Maybe a change of career is needed?  Or they may be more specific in that you don’t feel valued, have a lack of opportunities or the workload is inappropriate; Perhaps a new relationship with the workplace could help? 

Whatever your pain points, Positive Psychology Coaching can help by re-establishing meaning, cultivating healthy relationships and using signature strengths to flourish once again.  Don’t be an enduring 70 percenter.  Be a thriving 30 percenter.  Join that happy band of folk who don’t dread the Monday blues or crave the Friday feeling. 


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