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Being Ignored?

Are you one of the ignored at work? Or perhaps you receive a lot of attention to compensate for the lack of opportunities to use your gifts.  If you are experiencing a fallow period at work when your manager is denying you the chance to utilise your strengths and talents, then positive psychology coaching can help you re-establish yourself back in the workplace.

The first thing towards improving things is to know what you are dealing with.  Two common areas which lead to employee neglect and positive psychology coaching can help identify are:

  • It may not be you. Your boss may be overwhelmed and distracted and have little time to attend to your needs.                                                              
  • Financial motivators often don’t work. Managers often throw cash incentives at staff as a quick fix rather than spend quality time with staff to develop their roles.

Once you have a grasp on what the underlying problems may be then positive psychology coaching can help you try out strategies which can realign your working relationship with your manager.   You could try:

  • Pool strengths. Find new ways of sharing strengths with colleagues, so you can use your talents in existing projects.
  • Hone your problem solving skills. You can’t always get out of jobs that don’t play to your strengths so try to look for opportunities to use your strengths in unlikely situations to get the best for yourself.
  • Work at building relationships.  Schedule regular brief meetings and explain to your boss the benefits of doing this.
  • Show empathy.  Imagine you’re the boss and see what their day is like and how you look through your manager’s eyes.
  • Show initiative.  Increase your visibility rather than keeping a low profile.  Make yourself more indispensable to the manager by stepping up your role.

Positive psychology coaching can help you take steps to creating environments where you give your best.


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