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The Benefits of getting into FLOW

At the heart of positive psychology is the PERMA model of well-being, as developed by Professor Martin Seligman. The ‘E’ in PERMA, stands for ‘engagement’ and this vital component of authentic happiness is often referred to as ‘flow’. A key role within Positive Psychology Coaching can be to find and develop these life enhancing states of being. Think of a time when you have been absorbed in a task and wanted it to last forever, because you were enjoying it so much. You were probably experiencing feeling energised, focused and exhilarated. The happiness that comes with experiencing flow states is intrinsic and therefore within your control and such autonomy can lead to a longer lasting sense of fulfilment. So how do you know if you are in a state of flow? It is likely that the three following characteristics will be present.

  • You have clear goals and immediate feedback. The activity will be stretching you, but within your capabilities.
  • You find you can concentrate and focus with little effort. You become absorbed, feel less self – conscious and feel in control.
  • Your sense of time gets distorted. It feels like time passes much more quickly or more slowly than normal.

Positive Psychology Coaching can help you identify your flow states and increasingly build them into your daily life. Learning to maximise states of flow can have a myriad of benefits, including;

  • Encouraging the development of positive emotions.
  • Developing capacities for persistence with challenging experiences
  • Improved self esteem

Don’t take my word for it, listen to what Sam Smith, Director of Waylands Yard has to say about it.


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