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What Does A Positive Psychology Coach Do?

I have literally just finished a short conversation on Linkedin’s messenger. I was asked directly, what was it that I do as a Positive Psychology Coach? Good question!

The conversation was with a videographer, who had seen some of the footage that a mutual colleague had filmed and edited for my website about a year previously and was interested in knowing more about the focus of my work.

Serendipitously, this just happened to coincided with a challenge on a social media management course that I was attending, to put online, a dreaded ‘Elevator Pitch’. I appreciate the value of this endeavour but I was mindful that although trying to write something that suitably captured what it was that I did , it didn’t adequately hit that sweet spot for me or for the videographer.

And then the Homer moment. D’OH! Perhaps it might just be useful to forward a video, to a videographer too, as a means of supplementing my message to him?

So I did.

Two weeks previously, a coaching client had very generously forwarded a video testimonial of our work together and had given me permission to use this for promotional/educational purposes.

I was astounded by the response to the video by others. Folk loved it!

Here was I, completely overlooking a far better explanation and ‘Elevator Pitch’ that I could ever offer of the work of a Positive Psychology Coach. Here it is!

What do you think?

Let me know your thoughts about the testimonial. Was this useful in giving you some insight into the work that I do?


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